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Press Release: Nuggie.Menu Inc.

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Press Release: Nuggie.Menu Inc.

Tired of outdated, error-prone and hacker-vulnerable cannabis compliance software?

Nuggie.Menu is here for you

Created by a family-owned team, the Michigan-based company has made significant inroads in
the Midwest and beyond, with its ground-breaking and very user-friendly services.
ANN ARBOR, Michigan (January 21, 2019) – Staying compliant with state and local
regulations can make or break a legal cannabis business. Compliance can also become a cannabis
company’s biggest headache, especially when regulations and customer demands seem to change
by the week.

But since the summer of 2017 Michigan-based Nuggie.Menu has been offering its customers in
the Midwest and in other cannabis-legal states one of the most advanced and intuitive POS and
seed-to-sale systems available in the legal cannabis industry.

Designed by a team of young designers and engineers, all graduates of Michigan’s colleges and
universities, Nuggie has received extremely positive, unsolicited reviews from cannabis industry
IT staff; especially for its fast and innovative seed-to-sale software.

“By utilizing the latest software technologies with AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud-certified
infrastructure, we offer encrypted and user-friendly software that’s especially designed and
developed to help optimize your day-to-day operations,” says Nuggie CEO and Project Lead
Kevin Salerno.

Nuggie also expands and streamlines the cannabis customer’s experience, by allowing them to
select their products via in-store screens.

With its METRC®-certified, automated compliance reporting procedures, Nuggie.Menu can
help cannabis facilities remain audit-free by reducing employee data-entry errors.
It also has rapid check-in features that use instant identification scanners, so that new and
returning patients can be verified in just seconds.

“We also integrate with any existing hardware because Nuggie can run on any system,” adds
Salerno. “Our user-friendliness makes us unique. You can immediately tell; there’s a day-and-
night difference in how easy it is compared to other systems.”

And Nuggie.Menu prides itself on its responsive customer service and its ease of handling for
dispensary workers.

“What you find with most seed-to-sale software is a glorified spreadsheet,” says Tony Salerno,
the company’s Director of Sales Engineering and a mechanical engineer for 30 years.
“That’s where we are different. Nuggie was designed for budtenders. And given how fast-paced
this industry can be we understand that you have better things to do than sit around and wait for
answers, so we’re constantly working to have the best customer support in the industry, hands

The company’s innovative software is already in use at several dispensaries in Michigan’s
newly-legalized cannabis industry, and it is expanding to Colorado and several other states.
“We encourage cannabis businesses that are looking for the latest and most hassle-free
compliance systems available to contact us for a free demonstration – either in-house or on-line –
so that we can show you how easy Nuggie is to use,” says Kevin Salerno “and so you can also
see how much of a help it can be to budtenders, managers and the other people responsible for
ensuring the legal cannabis industry remains transparent, trouble-free and constantly moving

For more information: Visit https://www.nuggie.menu/

About Nuggie.Menu Inc.
Nuggie is a Michigan-built and Metrc®-certified seed-to-sale software vendor. We provide some
of the most user-friendly software available today to help streamline the issues and challenges
facing legal cannabis retailers – including legal compliance, inventory management, auditing,
analytics and marijuana point of sale software. We assist licensed personnel and MMFLA
(Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act) facilities with their daily seed-to-sale
cannabis compliance.