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LARA Extends MMFLA Deadline to September 15, 2018

Nuggie / Michigan  / LARA Extends MMFLA Deadline to September 15, 2018

LARA Extends MMFLA Deadline to September 15, 2018

Until recently, some 331 Marijuana facility applicants in the state of Michigan were operating with June 15 as the deadline provided by LARA in their first set of rules released in December of 2017. On May 30th this changed as The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) issued a new set of emergency administrative rules to further the implementation of the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA). This new set of rules will ensure the protection of medical marijuana patients living in Michigan and the proposed medical marijuana facilities that will require state operating license under MMFLA.


This new set of emergency rules includes a list of clarified definitions for Michigan’s cannabis industry as well as a detailed application procedure and requirements for the application process. Included in these rules are also guidelines to ensure the safety, security, and integrity of marijuana facility operations such as zoning laws and insurance policies for each class of grower. Included in this 33-page document is a table outlining the maximum THC levels for marijuana-infused products in the state of Michigan. Tinctures are limited to 1000 mg in a container and edible substances such as candy bars, cookies, popcorn, honey, gummies, and butter will all be limited to 500 mg.


Another area of importance is Rule 20, the set of guidelines covering the Transaction Period. This is a window of 30 calendar days during which marijuana product can be entered into the statewide monitoring system to ensure tracking beginning on the day the licenses issued. The rules outline licensee expectations of recording all marijuana product in the statewide monitoring system, tagging or packaging all inventory that has been identified and complying with all testing requirements. Violation of this rule covering the transaction. May result in sanctions or fines and at any time during this 30 calendar day, a marijuana facility is subject to inspection.


This set of emergency administrative rules will extend the previous June 15 deadline another six months to September 15 ensuring that the law is implemented correctly and that potential licensees are all thoroughly vetted and reviewed by the agencies and local governments. Applicants should remember that LARA’s emergency administrative rules require those facilities operating under the temporary operation rule (number 19) to cease operation if they have not been issued a license by September 15, 2018. Facility operators should note that any business conducted after this date without a license is considered illegal by the state of Michigan.


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