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Canada Legalizes Marijuana as Second Nation on Earth

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Canada Legalizes Marijuana as Second Nation on Earth

October 17, 2018 Canada has just became the second nation on Earth to legalize recreational marijuana – discovering a brand new industry for medicine, jobs, and tax revenue with some stores reporting over $131,000 on their first day of sales. The long anticipated wait is over and the day has come just three months after beermaker Corona bets $4 billion investment in Canopy Growth.


The minimum age to purchase Cannabis in Canada is 19 which is the same for alcohol and tobacco. Canadian laws around legal Cannabis usage will vary by province although are said to mirror the same regulation around Alcohol.


Ontario’s new rules will keep the people of Ontario safe now that recreational cannabis has been made legal by the federal government.


Cannabis consumption is allowed in:

  • Private residences (excludes most retirement homes)
  • Outdoor public areas such as sidewalks and parks
  • Designated hotels/inns
  • Residential vehicles such as RVs
  • Scientific facilities (for testing and research only)
  • Controlled Areas (e.g. long-term care homes, retirement homes, psychiatric facilities)

Cannabis consumption is forbidden in:

  • Indoor common areas
  • Enclosed public spaces
  • Hospitals (9m minimum distance)
  • Hospices and care homes (non-controlled areas)
  • Schools and places where children gather such as playgrounds and child care (20m minimum distance)
  • Publicly owned spaces such as sports fields (20m minimum distance)
  • Vehicles and boats
  • Restaurant patios (9m minimum distance)
  • Other outdoor areas such as government office buildings, recreational facilities, and bus shelters (20m minimum distance)

You can read more and find all of Ontario’s recreational marijuana rules about usage on their website.


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