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Colorado’s Access to Experts for Cannabis

Colorado's Access to Experts for Cannabis

Colorado’s Access to Experts for Cannabis

Navigating The Green Rush: Colorado’s Innovative Pilot Program for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

The cannabis industry has seen a remarkable transformation over the past few years, and Colorado has consistently been at the forefront of this green rush. In a groundbreaking move, the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade’s Cannabis Business Office announced the launch of an unprecedented pilot program designed to bolster minority business operators within the cannabis sphere. The Access to Experts program, as detailed by Gov. Jared Polis, promises low to no-cost access to a wealth of knowledge in vital areas such as compliance, marketing, and financial consulting. This initiative is more than just a resource—it’s a stepping stone toward greater inclusivity and success for social-equity licensees in the industry.

The Winds of Change in Cannabis Industry Outlook for 2024

Amidst speculation and anticipation, the cannabis industry is poised for pivotal developments in federal policy and market dynamics. Industry experts at MJBizDaily project that 2024 could herald the rescheduling of marijuana to Schedule 3 of the Controlled Substances Act, potentially under the Biden administration. This move would represent a seismic shift, potentially alleviating tax burdens under Section 280E and catalyzing growth in an otherwise constricted market.

Pennsylvania and West Virginia: A Tale of Two States’ Cannabis Journeys

As more states venture into the legal cannabis landscape, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are states to watch. Pennsylvania recently witnessed a significant expansion in its medical marijuana sector and looks toward pending adult-use legalization measures. Meanwhile, West Virginia is grappling with legislation aimed at regulating cannabis for adult use, with an eye on economic opportunities and remedying the risks associated with illicit markets potentially laced with dangerous substances like fentanyl. Delving into the full story from ‘West Virginia’s cannabis industry could get an upgrade with new legislation’ provides a compelling comparison of the legislative developments and societal impacts in these neighboring states.

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